Whether you’re looking to get closer to potential customers, the local community, or you simply want to make a positive impact on a local team/charity - a partnership with Sarasota Surge can put your business at the heart of the action. We have a number of different sponsorship packages to suit any business and budget. So join our team and make a real difference!

Partnerships & sponsorship enable our community-driven team to thrive. You can make the world of difference if you choose to donate to our club!

Florida Gulf Coast Rugby Foundation dba Sarasota Surge Rugby Club is a 5013C non-profit that focuses on youth development, specifically mentoring our academy players in: self-respect, leadership, teamwork, communication skills, respect for others (even during a tough game), physical/mental stabillity and control under pressure. We keep our fees low so everyone can participate and provide scholarships to players. 

Help us grow by sponsoring the club financially! With over 1,000 likes on Facebook and regular home attendances averaging at around 200 spectators, not only will you be helping a local community to grow, but you will also be gaining valuable ad space for your business!


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