Sarasota Youth League Academy

Sarasota Rugby Club’s vision is to invest in the local pool of talented young athletes in order to develop a sustainable system that consistently looks to promote young players through our age groups.

Rugby is a fun sport that aids both mental and physical development. Fitness is a key component of the game, but so too is respect for other players, staff, and supporters. Furthermore, having a willingness to learn and the determination to find success both on and off the field are crucial aspects of the game.

The target of our club is to safely develop youth players with a focus on principles of play before promoting them into the first team squad when both physically and mentally ready.

Using a carefully managed, sustainable approach the club firmly believes in promoting from within; our youth section is a huge part of our identity, and we hope to further the success already achieved from this endeavor.

Our coaches are experienced, qualified, and compassionate. Player welfare is paramount.

Purpose: Develop & Promote

-       Develop youth players throughout multiple age groups.

-       Promote principles of play as recommended by USA Rugby.

-       Aid players in their personal development both mentally & physically.

-       Promote sportsmanship & respect.

-       Ensure safety & player welfare is at forefront of all coaching & gameplay.

Goal: Pathways & Progress

-       The main aim of the Youth Academy is to aid young men and women in their physical and emotional growth.

-       Furthermore, retaining these players, aiding in their rugby development, and providing a pathway into the first team is another long-term goal.

-       We have successfully integrated multiple Academy players into the first team in a successful, safe manner already, but this needs to continue to happen.

Principles: Respect & Improvement

-       Respect all those around you.

-       Play hard, but fair.

-       Embrace the chance to constantly improve.

-       Contribute to the club culture of community & respect.

-       Grow both as a person and a player.